How will the Future of Story look like? (A.I. Theory)

How will the Future of Story look like? (A.I. Theory)

In a world dominated by machines and artificial intelligence and where the only affordable and real escape is virtual reality, story would have then changed forever.

The old structures of storytelling used for centuries will no longer be useful as the gamer will spend most of his time in some sort of virtual reality.

It is very different to create a story that lasts two hours from a story that lasts two months. Now imagine if you had to create a story that will have to last years…

This is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) comes in.

If you had to create stories for players that would want to play for years in a total immersive environment, the most probable thing is that you will develop a mechanism to make that sustainable.

Therefore, the most probable thing that were to happen if we had the technology (that we eventually will have) is to let A.I. continue the story. As it is a machine that understands as well as you how the story that has been created works. And maybe it is capable of making better than his creators.

It is just a matter of time that A.I. takes up most of the work. Transportation accounts for around 12% of the economy and now, with the invention of autonomous cars, it is just a matter of time that all of those workers in the transportation sector face unemployment.

Imagine a world where A.I. could be implemented in any area of our lives, for any kind of work. And not only that, but machines would do the job 100 times better than us…

What then?

My guess is that, although this can cause dangerous and tense situations for our society, we will manage to overcome them. Because we have always done it and because we will keep doing it. It is in our nature to survive no matter how tense or dangerous the situation.

So in the end, my guess is that, although well-being will be as good as never before, most people will have a lot of time to kill. This will translate into more time spent in some sort of entertainment. My guess is virtual reality.

And the experience of virtual reality will be way better than watching a movie. In fact, watching a movie would be “vintage” or an old thing that we or our kids used to do but our grandchildren do not really find it cool anymore.

Virtual reality will be the new cool. It will be the thing.

That’s where I think stories are headed.

Storytellers will abandon cinema and Netflix series for the sake the new, better and more profitable market that will dominate the world: virtual reality.

All of these topics and matters I study them in depth in my new book that I am currently working on. So if you are interested on what my take is on what will happen and how storytellers will have to adapt and focus on to still be ahead of the curve, stay tuned for when it’s going to come out!

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What determines the VALUE of STUFF… How Much is Your Movie is Worth?

What determines the VALUE of STUFF… How Much is Your Movie is Worth?

I believe that the value of stuff is given by the service or use it provides to society. It is about how much does society need that particular product.

The price of a shirt

Ok, so if I need a shirt in order to don’t walk naked in the middle of the street, i will need to pay X money to get that shirt. This quantity I’m paying is making up for the costs of the shirt and for the profit of the manufacturer , distributor, etc.

This help everyone in the making-shirts-business to still keep doing shirt business. As simple as that.

But then if that were the case for everything, every product would have an objectively reasonable price… and this is not the case. This almost never the case.

Then question arises…

What determined the worth r value of a product, what determines its price?

In a digital world controlled by algorithms that constantly change their parameters to fit the price that the potential consumer is ready to pay, we could simply say that it’s the algorithm’s fault that I pay 10X the price that I believe is reasonable for an Amazon product.

Because it is only from Massimo Dutti?

But that would be just too simple to be true. The truth is much more complex and diverse. Not a white or black tone, but a middle grey with a lot of shades.

The 10X priced shirt

So, why do we pay for a product that we believe we should pay X dollars, 10X it’s “reasonable price”?

There are a lot of reasons for this, a lot marketing strategies that are applied along the way, but I will only concentrate on this post in one technique that I find really interesting.

Tell a story before you make sell

That technique is the one of telling a story with the product you want to sell.

It is the same technique that has been used to sell to you the iPhone or Mac where you are currently reading this post, it is the same technique that has been used to create multi-billion dollar empire of Ralph Lauren and it is why so many people buy merchandising.

What’s behind telling a story to sell a product?

What is Apple really doing when you watch a TV commercial of the new iPhone or Apple watch?

What they are doing is only show you the product at the end of the commercial, because they know the importance of communicating ideas effectively so the viewer identifies himself with the values and the belief system that the brand is trying to communicate.

What do we see in an iPhone commercial? People having fun and wonderful experiences (may they be worries experiences or leisure experiences) and technology not getting in the way of that and guaranteeing that wonderful experience through a wonderful design.

Because that it’s what’s important: ideas, feelings because they help us understand the world we live in.

Because let’s not lie to ourselves, we don’t have a clue on how this world works in it’s fullest detail, we don’t know our purpose in this chaotic but yet organised arbitrary world.

Because we want to understand who we are, what is our core essence, what we are made of and more importantly, why we are here.

Because we don’t know who we are, because we don’t know why we are here.

Because they help us simplify reality. Because we get the feeling that we belong.

That is what good brands specialize in. That’s why their prices are so high. That’s why you’ll keep on buying them no matter what.

See you next time!