Who Are We?

We are basically a bunch of young people like these trying to find our way into the industry:

We are young but we think that that isn’t an excuse or a wall that stops us from achieving something greater than ourselves. We’re kind of optimistic. But not optimistic in the sense of dreamy kids, but more in a more down to earth, practical fashion. Not for choice but almost by necessity. Because we had the good or bad luck to have been born when we did.

And our times are strange ones, where we are not afraid to act but where most people do not know what to act for. That’s weird.

So we gave ourselves a cause. That is to make a cultural revolution in the way we can.

Revolution meaning something new that disrupts with the way things were done in the past,


Cultural meaning everything involving culture, creativity and the sharing experience that comes hand in hand with the creative process.

Our goal is to look in the past and, with perspective, foresee what the future would look like and create it.

For example, if you were to create a painting, the thing you would do is look in the past to know what and how has been painted and foresee the future, the new painting, and create it.

Some people would find this quite obvious and others quite strange but we believe that the true key lies in this process (although for some people work in a subconscious level) and if you have studied history all great creators have done the same thing:

  • Identify a “problem”
  • Imagine a “solution” or “alternative”
  • Build it.

For us, the process follows the same steps and we want to walk you through it answering in the way the question who we are:


“Problem”: most commercial movies nowadays do not offer what we consider great value. This results in repetitive blockbusters that make enough millions in the first weekend to be commercially successful. Meanwhile independent filmmakers try to produce great content with great value but they are not fullfiling their fullest potential as the production cost per film is become each time greater. Ironically, the cost of prosumer equipment quality-price relationship is cheaper than ever.

So the question lies in why isn’t everyone making movies that change the paradigm of what film is?

The answer to that in a schematic way is simple (in real life various factor influence): WE (as a society) don’t know where we are (we’ll call this point A) therefore it’s very difficult to reach any particular destination, if there is one (we’ll call the destination point B)

In short, if we are in point A and we want to reach point B we need to know where we are to plan our way to where we want to be, as simple as that.

Our reality is that most people spend their lives without realizing where they are (although they have a “clear vision” of where they want to be).

For that we promote the philosophy of inward inspection and realization as we believe that this search within is the one that makes us realize where we truly are and enables us to achieve what we really want.


The solution, the alternative, we are proposing is a place/community where people are interested in that search within so as to know where we are and enables us to achieve what we really want. This is achieved by powerful and empowering ideas.

The language we chose to spread those ideas is film.

Film nowadays means video, short, feature, VOD, Vlog, streaming, etc. 

A lot of different forms for the same purpose that is spreading ideas that matter.

And that brings me to our last point in the list:

Build it

We believe that there are still a lot of ideas to discover and a lot of stories to be told, so the possibility is there but it’s up to us if we take them or not.

Mordalego is about building the community where ideas are shared, inventions are conceived and culture is created.

So join in the cause if you feel like it. No pressure, you can talk about anything you’d like, any ideas that you think are going to be relevant in the future, thought-provoking, about what could be better and what could be changed… any ideas that empower all of us for a dive within to self and an union with the whole!

“The industry, being such an important industry needs of a product that they can sell so people come back and consume, as a fast food chain…

Nobody is willing to write about something real, trully real… 

Everyone in the industry is trying to write the next noir film, nobody is thinking on writing about how they mistrust their brother”

(Francis Ford Coppola on Charlie Rose)

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