Why YOU Should Do A Low Budget Film And Why You Are More Likely To Finish It

Why YOU Should Do A Low Budget Film And Why You’re More Likely To Finish It

Spend all your money to become a filmmaker?!

If you really decide to become an independent filmmaker, the best thing you could do is spend all the money you have in the bank, get in debt with all your credit cards and get new credit cards to get into more debt because you need at least 30.000$ to make the short that will skyrocket your career as a filmmaker.


“No! I will make more money than I spend with my movie!”

What you will definitely do, and here I’m only applying simple logic, is to get in debt. As simple as that. You spend more than you have… you get in debt. You could rationalize the fact of you being in debt by thinking that the money that you will do with that movie will be so much that you will be able to pay all of your debts and still make a profit.

We’ll… that is your Ego talking. And let me tell you, Ego it’s the enemy of business.  If you follow that kind of fantasy while risking your money, or even worse, the money of your beloved ones in exchange of smoke, then you’re a fool.

If you want to do that and you really believe that you need to spend 30$k in a short of 10 min, go ahead, I won’t stop you… but if it is the first film you’re going to do you’re choosing to jump without parachute and hope you don’t die when you get to the bottom of the fall.

So why does an independent production where you don’t get to spend 30.000$ helps you in what way?

If you have a tenth of that budget to spend I can tell you now that you won’t be making the Avengers 3. But this isn’t necessarily a disadvantage. On the contrary you’ll be making one of the many films that are yet to be made that are far ahead than the Avengers. Only independent films can risk enough (in what concerns story form, storytelling techniques and art form) to push forward the boundries of filmmaking and storytelling.

A part from this, a really independent production of 3.000$ has a lot to do with favours that people do to you as an indie filmmaker.

Why is this an advantage?

Advantages of doing a 3000$ film

Well, that it takes more time to finish the film. You have less crew, less gear, less money, less everything really… but what you can count on is TIME. And if you truly believe in your project there is nothing that will stop you to finish the film. You will have more time to think about your project, the message you want to pass on, if this is the story you truly want to tell…

This means that those people that actually get to the end of the journey of making the film, truly believe in the project they’ve done. Normally this is translated into better films that truly inspire people and that give meaning for the world and the art form of filmmaking. This films are the ones that change the rules of the game, the ones that create new rules that eventually the mainstream media adopts as his to create in new entertainment.

So dare to be bold! Follow the path of the ideas that motivate you without loosing the north, keeping track of what you spend and fly high without losing your head.

If you come through the other side, I can guarantee you that the disadvantage of being a really independent movie, you will have transformed a disadvantage into an advantage.  Money should not be a problem. Money is not a problem. It is only a barrier that your imagination has to overcome.

Happy journey, see you the next time!


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