For Writers: Take An HOUR A Day For Yourself

For Writers: Take An Hour For Yourself A Day

“If you don’t have five minutes to yourself you don’t have a Life.”

That’s what Tonny Robin’s says before diving into his morning meditation ritual before he begins his day.

2 Kinds of People

That for being with yourself it may be enough for some people. Other people may need more than that to be with oneself.

If you write, whatever kind of writer you are you know that writers are by innate nature or influenced by the nature of the job (or the two), lonely people.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t like people or that they are desperately searching for human contact. This simply means that they do not need to spend as much time as other people do with other people. I hope that makes sense.


If you want to become a screenwriter and tell stories that people want to hear, you need to get in tune real nice with what is happening with life. You need to observe carefully. As close as you can.

Nobody want to hear what they already know. People want to be surprised and captivated with an aspect of life that they haven’t experienced yet. They want to feel part of something much deeper and greater than everyday life. If so they want re-experience everyday life through a new different perspective.

A New Perspective

So look closely at what most people take for granted or they don’t even know it exists. Something that touches us humans everywhere around the world. Something that unites us while enhancing the uniqueness of our individuality.

Writers know about what all this abstract concepts represent, because they fill in the gaps, they create a story that explains the rest that is not being said.

It is what people are searching for in a story. Not the characters. Not the world. Not the story. It is what that story represents. It is what that story means. It is how story makes you feel. It is how that story changes you.

It is why that story is meaningful.

And to find the answers for all those questions of how to do it, it takes time.

At least an hour to yourself to observe life closely enough to notice what everyone else doesn’t.

Practice makes the master.


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