What YOU Will Use It’s What OTHERS Have

What YOU Will Use Is What Others Have

If you really are someone that itu2019s trying to make it as a director the one most important thing that you need to love is working with people.

Movies take in avarege 2 to even 5 years to finish for big time directors like Darren Aronofsky. So you may be working years with the same crew in order to finish your film. This means that should be someone that knows how to manage people, meaning understand them. It is crutial thing that a lot of people in positions of power do not understand it. People in power should care for the ones that work for them as if they were oneself.

So what do I mean when I say that what you have is what others have?

Your resources are other peopleu2019s resources

What I mean with this is that you may not have all the resources necessary for your project. In this case what you need to do is look for resources somewhere else.

Persuasive vs Unconvincing

Resources are there for you to take them. You just need to know how to ask.

Knowing how to ask is everything!

The attitude is what differentiates the convincing ones from the unconvincing.

It works the same way it does with leadership: you need to know people, care about them and be bold to ask what you desire in a convincing and persuasive way.

How to be persuasive?

This is a big question that cannot be answered in detail in a single post.

But the principle behind being persuasive is knowing what the person in front of that youu2019re trying to convince wants. Being in tune with what your audience wants itu2019s what this is all about. You always need to sell a win-win situation. If you are trying to sell a win-loose situation youu2019re doomed, Iu2019ll tell you that.

For that you need to know what people are after and offer it to them. This is only done with practice.

Where to start?

Start with your beloved ones, start convincing your friends about your project so if they can give you hand with it.

If they have a house you want to shoot in, ask politely and convincingly. Shake off the shyness.

You would be amazed how much you can accomplish with almost anything if you truly believe in your project and transmit your enthusiasm and objectives to people you may not even know.

To back up this point Iu2019m leaving you here one videoclip done with no budget that turned up to be a viral rap videoclip.


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