Start a YouTube Channel? Good or bad idea?

Start a YouTube Channel? Good or bad idea?

Why is this post even in the distribution category?

The answer is that a YouTube channel, you like it or not means exposure.

And exposure means that if you really do it well, more people will watch your movie or short.

So the true question if you really want your films to be seen and make a living out film is that how do you a distribution campaign of your film appealing enough so your film reach the widest audience as possible.

One of the multiple answers (most of them compatible with each other at the same time) is a YouTube channel.

First, why video for finding an audience?

Video is one of those form of media that surpasses photography and writing in what concerns “the moment”. With this I mean that video has the natural ability of showing with as much fidelity as possible what there is in front of the lens in a particular moment.

So why does even help? Don’t I want everything to be perfect and measured so it causes the perfect reaction to an audience?

Well, it never works like that.

The truth is that mistakes are inevitable. What video does is show every aspect of what is visible, in front of the camera. This doesn’t always mean that every video only shows the truth of what is in front of the camera as there is a little thing called editing that transforms everything that is video.

Why YouTube and not Twitch that is as well a video platform?

Just to be clear, YouTube is as valid as Twitch or any other platform.


Whatever you use, take into account that it is because of your personality and your person that people will subscribe to your channel. That or because you provide really good and useful content. But the REALLY good thing is to have both, good content and be a great person / have a great personality. (I put both of them side by side because I believe that a good personality will only show what we truly are, and won’t lie)

If you do both of them really good and you get to master the craft of creating good content and deliver it with a great attitude, then the promotion of your film will be a much easier task as people already know you and know where you’re coming from.

For that goal social media is critical in whatever form. Whether it is YouTube, twitch, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

That and SEO optimizing your posts and videos also help!

Happy filmmaking and see you next time!

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