SEOTUBE – The YouTube Skill You Need to Gain Subscribers

SEOTUBE – The YouTube Skill You Need to Gain Subscribers

We have already covered the 7 most important techniques to increase your number of subscribers of your YouTube channel that effectively work!

And because there wasn’t enough space to finish and explain in detail what the last technique in the last post that was – SEOTUBE – I created this post to explain in detail what this technique is all about.

So what’s the SEOTUBE technique all about?

The SEOTUBE technique is based on 4 steps:

  • Evergreen
  • Series
  • CTA’s
  • Recoil

Evergreen videos

Most YouTubers fail in this first step. The vast majority of YouTubers upload videos based on trending topics. If the new Huawei P20 has recently come out, they will do a review of the new phone that everybody wants to buy. This is a great technique but just for a short period of time as they take advantage of this trending topic, they make a video and they may actually get millions of views if they’re lucky. The problem with this is that those views will only keep on growing until the next Huawei P21 comes out. Then if they want to keep those numbers of views they need to make another video on the new Huawei phone because the old P20 doesn’t get made anymore and nobody is interested because the new phone has kick-ass 8k camera for the same price as the old one…

You get the point.

Characteristics of Evergreen Videos

They are videos that people will always search. No matter how much time goes by, they are videos that people will search because they need to.

Tutorials about most things are a great genre of YouTube videos that in most cases are evergreen. You do a video tutorial and even though a year has gone by since you posted it, it will still give you views every month.

The key thing here is to keep the stream of views alive you need to position your tutorial videos very good so people still find them when time goes by. This is done with SEO for YouTube.

YouTube Series

YouTube, meaning Google, uses an algorithm based on the time of reproduction of a video. This means that the longer a viewer stays watching your videos, the more likely it is that that video gets recommended to other people as suggestions.

The way to achieve this is by creating series of videos so when they click a video of yours they watch other related videos, part two’s or whatever that makes the viewer still engaged in your content.

So imagine that you already have a pack of evergreen videos, if you are capable of creating the need in the viewer to watch other of your evergreen videos, all the views that you get per month in an evergreen video you can “transfer” it to another of your evergreen videos. As simple as that. The key is that it has to be related content that might interest your viewers.


Make CTA’s means make Call To Action.

In YouTube there is a wonderful thing called cards that appear in the middle of your videos with a piece of text, emojis and links to other videos of yours.

With this tool it is much more easier to guide your viewers from a series of videos to another one.

Not only will you catch viewers with evergreen videos, not only will you get them caught in your series of evergreen videos, but you will get them to watch more series of related evergreen content.


The only thing that YouTube cares about it’s the time of visualization. This is the way YouTube decides how many ads do they show during a video. This way YouTube makes more money and a bigger cut is made for the creator of the content. But not really that much more for you the creator, it’s mainly YouTube who will make more money. But that’s another topic…

So you either make videos with a high timespan of visualization or you either redirect from your video to other videos with a high timespan of visualization.

So does this mean that I can redirect from my videos to other videos of other creators of content with a high timespan of visualization so that MY videos get more diffusion?


YouTube notices that the people that click your video end up spending a lot of hours in front of a screen because you have redirected those views to other videos (maybe of other creators) and in the end they spend up, let’s say 2 hours of their day watching content on YouTube. This means money for YouTube. So YouTube will suggest your video to other people so in the end you make money for YouTube. Meanwhile you get more views in your videos.

So keep experimenting with YouTube and see you next time!


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