Why YOU Should Do What You DON’T LIKE

Why YOU should do what you DON’T LIKE

What do viral video clips and filmmaking have in common?

They both need an audience to exist.

What this has to do with what you don’t like is that a lot of auteur filmmakers see other media and ways of expression as inferior or second class.

Where I want to get to with this statement is that in other to become an “auteur” the thing you have to do is convince the critics. If what you want is to reach your audience because you truly believe it’s out there, what you have to do is, in whatever type of media you find and that you know you can pull of to pass on your message, communicate! That’s what this is all about!


If the form is a blog like this one, a film, a short, a video clip, a YouTube video, Channel, a book, a novel, a play, a podcast… WHO CARES?!


So coming back to the title of this post, why would I do something that I don’t like?!

We’ll the answer to that is quite simple and differentiates a good communicator from a mediocre one. It differentiates a true filmmaker from an “auteur”.

Let’s be clear on what I mean by an “auteur”. An auteur is someone that in my eyes seems to have a compelling vision on a theme but gets lost in the form of expression. For an auteur the way of saying something is more important than what is said.And that’s fine.

But how I really structure all my work is in the same way Simon Sinek structures the importance of the how, the what and the why.

I leave you the video of Simon Sinek on the great importance of the why over the what and the how!

So after knowing why the why has and will always have more weight than the what and the how, you can tell why doing “what you don’t like” in the domains of the what and the how are secondary if your why is strong enough to find it’s path through a what and a how that beforehand are not that appealing to you.

For example, you may not like to do video clips but if your why is strong enough to put you through the what and the how then DO IT!

Let me explain how a good why looks like.

It is the reason why you get up in the morning, that gets you pumped, ready to go, with energy enough to do what has to be done and in the end of the day be sure that you’re finishing what you started.

To sum up, along the way there will come opportunities that you may either take them or you may think that they’re not enough for you because you’re here for something greater… But the truth is that sort of dilemmas don’t have much meaning when it comes to the form/the way you do it.

The dilemma lies within the why. You should think about if what you’re doing and the way in which you do it are compatible with your why. If you objectively answer this question, it really doesn’t matter what you and how you do it, because both of those things change with time and in some kind of way are out of our control.

Control the why and you won’t be lost in what you “have” to do and how you “have” to do it.

Think about your why, see you next time!


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