7 Techniques that will get you MORE Subscribers! (Part One)

7 Techniques that will get you MORE Subscribers! (Part One)

The seven techniques are:

  • VRS
  • Uniqueness
  • Cliffhanger
  • Fidelization
  • Cross-platform

Which are which? What do those words stand for? What do they mean?

VRS (Variable Reward System)

This technique is based on rewarding the audience, your audience in a variable way. This means that forget being methodical when it comes to rewarding your audience.

Take the example of a YouTuber.

A good YouTuber will always leave you hungry for more. That’s the key.

But what does that mean?

Take Casey Neistat and how he recently uploads videos. He doesn’t upload a video a day. He now uploads when he wants to, maybe Monday, then Thursday and he leaves you waiting for more until Sunday or the next week!

This is quite stressful for the usual viewer that isn’t subscribed to his channel and that when he uploaded on a daily basis, checked all of his videos without being subscribed. Because that person knew that Casey Neistat always uploaded every night and the video could be ready the next morning just around the time you were having breakfast (if you were in that time zone…).

But now that has changed. All those people that thought they would magically know when Casey had uploaded a new video have now to subscribe if he wants to be the first one to see it.

New subscribers you are welcomed!


CTA stands for Call To Action. It is a term used for conversions. Meaning, it is a word that you use that refers to when a buyer reacts to something of your content or ad and motivates him/her to take immediate action to buy or rent what you are offering. It is the process of transforming a potential buyer into an actual buyer. You want your customer to react, that’s the key point here.

How do you do that?

When we are talking about a video of YouTube and, more importantly, when we are talking about PSYCHOCTA, the way around it is to maintain your audience’s attention and make him react.

You can achieve this by keeping them always alert by eventually raising your tone of voice, by screaming once in a while, by whispering the important stuff instead of screaming it, by zooming in/out, by dropping stuff (like Casey does in most of his videos with expense gear)

It is about appealing different from everyone else there and maintaining that attention. This is almost an art, but if you study psychology books on selling and on PNL you will get a better sense of how this technique works.


Uniqueness is a must if you are entering a market where you will inevitably have competitors because you haven’t created that market.

There are a lot of people that do vlogs but no one compares to the uniqueness of Casey Neistat’s vlogs.

It is many things that ad up in the end and make you unique in your field. May that be a bizarre studio full of organized red boxes of tools, more tools and a DSLR camera cemetery as a shelf, a guy talking to a camera always with shades on (even if it is a well lit interior), having a boosted board as his means of transportation, or his crazy ideas about getting every creator on the internet together in a place he is building called 368…

You get the point. Be unique. Something we haven’t seen before. Difficult to copy because that is your identity.

That leads me to the next point…


This point with the other remaining three (Fidelization, Cross-platform and SEOTUBE) will be explained in Part 2 of this post!


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