7 Techniques that will get you MORE Subscribers! (Part 2)

7 Techniques that will get you MORE Subscribers! (Part 2)

The seven techniques are:

  • VRS
  • Uniqueness
  • Cliffhanger
  • Fidelization
  • Cross-platform

In the previous post we have already gone over the first 3 techniques vital for you to master in order to increase your number of subscribers dramatically.

But let’s move on with the next point at hand…


What I just did in the last post was just that, a cliffhanger.

You want to leave your audience hungry for more. We all have heard that. But we have because it still works and it works great!

When doing videos for YouTube, the thing here is to don’t deliver all of the content in a very long video. Instead make a playlist, a series of short and dynamic videos that after watching them leave you hungry for more!

If you want to talk about how to make the best Thanksgiving dinner, do not make a super long video where you explain how you do all the dishes of the evening. Do a video for each dish. A dynamic video, with great content, that gives great valuable information that your audience is looking for, but make it short (10 min) do.not even try to.write the Bible (2 hours)!

When you leave that blank space in your audience’s minds they know that if they subscribe they will be updated with the most recent uploads on the video series of how to make the perfect Thanksgiving dinner and that series is not yet finished…

New subscribers you are welcomed!

Fidelizacion (Earning loyalty)

There is however a technique that requires, unlike VRS, a methodical approach.

In order to earn the loyalty of your audience you want to offer new and exciting prices to your subscribers. For subscribers only. Imagine that every month you give out personalized t-shirts to a subscriber of yours that leaves a comment in one of your videos.

If you do this t-shirt give-out every month but you announce it in one of those 4 videos that you upload each month but in no particular order or day, those viewers that want the t-shirt and that aren’t subscribed to your channel will have to subscribe. There is no way around it.

If you have done the techniques from before nicely, those who aren’t subscribed that want the t-shirt will find out that because they don’t know when the next video will come out (VRS) where the t-shirt give away announcement is going to take place, for them to be the first, they need to be subscribed to your channel.


The cross-platform technique involves not only the YouTube platform but a web page. Even if you are a YouTuber you need a web page for yourself. Even if it is a personal brand.

What’s the upside of having a web page if what you are really interested in is YouTube and don’t give a damn about blogs or or WordPress and all that sh**?!

Well, the upside is that if you posts your videos in your webpage as well, you can advertise for only 1$ on Facebook and bring a thousand visits to your webpage through Facebook. Imagine you spend 30$ and redirect 30.000 views to your web where you have all of your videos posted… if you are good enough you could transform half of those views into subscribers if you have done your job well. That means 15.000 subs in just a very cheap advertising campaign that only cost you 30$!


SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

This technique is used for web pages mostly, to drive traffic to your web.

What does SEOTUBE mean?

SEOTUBE is a technique that is based on creating as many playlists as possible. Then, in each video, redirect your views to other videos of other of your playlists and hopefully they stay watching that new playlist. You repeat that process of redirecting them to another of your playlists and you have a viewers that has consumed almost all of your hours of content because they are caught in a web of videos that have a relationship to each other in some way (even if the video you are redirecting them to is not yours!).

This is an extense topic that I will cover in detail in another post because I have exceeded the word limit of this one!

See you next time with SEOTUBE!


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