“How to get more views?”

“How to get more views?”

That question is not really the relevant question here.

But let’s see what views depend on first.

What views depend on?

Views depend on many things that you cannot control. How many retweets will your video have on Twitter, how many times your video will be shared on Facebook, how many subscribers will that video get you…

There are anyways a lot of variables that are controllable. How much SEO do you use when uploading a video, podcast or blog post, is your thumbnail appealing enough or clickbaity enough, is the topic of your content trending enough, does your content offer value and goes deep or is it just another piece of content that only touches the surface without getting deep…

How to learn the necessary skills to getting more views?

But all of that you will learn if you are starting up as you walk along. The key principle here is to keep walking. That’s the key. In your way you will find and if not you will search and find every technique or ability necessary to bring your game to the highest and most professional level possible.

Sorry to tell you, there is no shortcut.

But that brings me to the next question. The really important question.

“Will you be capable of following through?”

Every technique every skill that you might learn in a weekend and can guarantee you with being a better content creator in every aspect possible, takes time to master it and even more important more time to continuously apply it to get good results.

Because I truly believe that most skills you can learn in a fairly short period of time. But that it takes a career to some degree to really take profit of all those skills, to put them into practice and to identify your own unique voice that will differentiate you from every other guy that already knows that same skill that you do.

So what does that mean?

Everyone “knows” the skills to get more views on YouTube

It means that in a world where everyone has access to a video camera (may that be the camera of your phone or a professional video camera like the RED dragon) and where everyone “knows” how to use a video camera, the question is “but can you really make a living with what you say you know?”.

This where mastering a skill in your own personal way comes in handy. It is not only about mastering a skill. Everyone can handle a pro camera and pro gear in a weekend, but not everyone can do it in their unique style and know that his/her style is appealing to an audience.

To really know if your style is appealing to an audience you need to first find your voice, your unique way of telling a story and then start testing your audience out. That takes time and experience. Something that you cannot learn in a weekend, something that you cannot even trade. It is about you getting out there in the field and trying things out, testing your audience and discovering what works or what doesn’t – for you and your audience.

This is really important – the creator must be happy creating if not he won’t have the endurance necessary to follow through. And for that there needs to be a balance between what your audience wants and what you want to provide and in what way.

Conclusion to “How to get more views?”

Coming back to our initial question “How to get more views?”, what you should focus on that it is the only sane way to go through that process is by loving what you do. For me it starts with creating content that has value, that interests me and that I believe will help other people in similar situations. By providing value in the most professional and best you can think of in a joyful and playful way. Without having expectations about what that work will bring you, more than you giving a great service, nothing more than you giving back to the community.

And hopefully one day, if you have done everything right and diligently, you will find out that you have a bigger audience that you thought and that you don’t really have to worry about views anymore, because you will have followed through because you love it and, in the way, created a service of great value that people cannot ignore.


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