A Long Way To Go

Things have real value in life are things that take time.

That’s that.

There is no overnight success that doesn’t come with a price to pay. Every dream that is dreamt to be big are the ones that really take a life to execute. It is what nowadays is called a life purpose. That motivation that makes you stay clear in your head. It is the horizon that keeps your picture of the world straight when almost everything is crooked.

There isn’t a long way to anywhere if your destination isn’t enough far away.

It is about staying in the game.

There is no winning or loosing.

You cannot get there first because you are not competing against anyone. No one else has the same dreams as you as no one else has the same desires and necessities as you do. Everyone is different. Everybody aims to different targets.

You should enjoy the journey. That means that you should take something out of grinding, of hustling to get where you want to be. Because motion it’s what motivates you. It is not that you were not alright right where you were. It is not because you’ll be better when you get there. It is that you thrive for motion. A life that moves. Only for the sake of moving. Without really serious expectations of the future. Finding the right balance between taking your job seriously and not having to great expectations about what you are doing while dreaming big. That’s a daily challenge. It is a mental puzzle you need to revise daily. And that is what keeps you sane.

It is about planning your way. Plan each step of the way so you are prepared when chance comes knocking at your door and so that problems only seem challenges to be overcomed. It is like building a wall in the middle of the desert. You lay ever brick as well as you can. Each single brick. And one day find out that you’ve built something in the middle of nowhere.

There will be days that you’ll think that you’ve all built it for nothing. But if you are clear on WHY you do it, you’ll find out that it was necessary, that it needed to be done.

It is the absurd. The feeling that invades you suddenly. That gives you the necessary perspective to know that it has no logical explanation why you chose to do that with your time but nevertheless you strongly feel the need to do it.

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