Why is doing the F*** you want only reserved for a few? (In Film)

Doing the f*** you want is something that most of us do or did in a regular basis at least while we were young. The question of this blog post is if you can still, should and want to do the f*** you want when directing/writing/doing a film.


So, can you do the f*** you want when directing/writing/doing a film?


What do you think?


It is only reserved for a few. A few that, no one knows how, have managed to do the tedious film they have envisioned and nevertheless got a positive response from the public. This is very rare.

An example of this type of cinema is Béla Tarr, a Hungarian filmmaker that is capable of making a very slow paced, not to say boring, type of cinema that is usually nominated for best picture in Cannes for La Palme d’Or.


Unless you want to make this type of cinema, only reserved for a few and a cinema that most people do not even care about or know of its existence, you should want to try to polish whatever idea you have in your head and make an understandable story that engages the audience.


The truth is that we depend on an audience as filmmakers and creators, so it is reasonable to say that we should at least make something that we as an audience would like to enjoy.  If the answer to that very difficult problem is still to make something only reserved for a few because you feel that this is what you would like to watch if you were the audience, then go ahead and try to pull it off. But I must say that you shall do so masterfully, as for most people it will seem as an unpolish unfinished product that never caught no one’s attention and never saw the light.

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