ProTools most usual Crashes Solved

ProTools 12 most usual Crashes Solved

Most of the crashes I have experienced in ProTools 12 are video engine problems as well as having other issues with the program when playback and preferences related issues.

So in this post I will keep it short and simple for a step by step guide on how to solve my top pick of ProTools 12 most common crashes.

Problem: ProTools 12 won’t playback video or at all

Solution 1: Eliminate videos from timneline
  1. Eliminate all videos from the timeline
  2. Import the video that you want in your timeline in DNXHD format (it is a format that ProTools handles well, unlike H.264 format)
  3. Import audio from video (you normally import the audio of the video as a reference)
  4. Unable the video playback engine and turn it on again (If you cannot open this window, when ProTools is starting you press the “n” key on your keyboard while it is loading. Then the playback video engine window will directly pop up)
  5. Check if you can run smoothly ProTools
Solution 2: Erase all preferences from ProTools 12
  1. Open your finder window, or documents window in Windows and click the tab View and check “view all hidden elements”
  2. Press the windows + “R” keys
  3. Write down on the search bar %appdata%
  4. Open the “Avid” folder
  5. Erase the “PROTOOLS” folder entirely
  6. Restart your computer
  7. Open ProTools and check if it runs smoothly

Problem: ProTools 12 won’t playback, STOP and PLAY BUTTONS flashing

Solution 1: Erase PROTOOLS.EXE file
  1. Open folder with this address; C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch
  2. Erase the file called ‘PROTOOLS.EXE-a bunch of numbers and’
  3. Restart ProTools

Problem: Plugins inside ProTools don’t run smoothly

Solution 1: Playback Engine window
  1. Open the Playback Engine window inside ProTools 12
  2. Bump up the samples to 1024
  3. Bump up the cache to 3GB (depending on your computer it may vary)

The key principle here is that if you have a lot of plugins running in ProTools and you have set low sample rate, ProTools will probably crash.

So that’s it!

That’s my top pick for the top most common crashes in ProTools 12.

Hope it has brought some value to you and see you next time!


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