Choose A Topic That Motivates YOU

Choose A Topic That Motivates YOU

Before writing anything – Theme

This is a great thing to take into account before you even place a single finger on top of a keyboard.

The topic of the film if the spine of your project. It is what embodies your vision. It is that on which you have a definite perspective. It is what ties up all your stories within your screenplay. It is what gives sense to all the conglomerate of scenes that make up your screenplay. It is what interests you the most . It is a topic that captures your attention in such a way that you cannot think on anything else during your day. It is your living obsession that transforms and adopts different forms with time but essentially stays within the limits of a what is a topic.

A 2 hour movie takes a long time to finish, so prepare for the long run. This means that even if you finish shooting in a month, you would have prepared for it a long time and you’ll spend even more time in post-production. This means that you will be dealing with the same story, with the same characters, the same places, the same dialogue that you once wrote on paper (except exceptions).

So you better like everything about your story, the way in which it develops, the characters, the dialogue and above all the vision, the unique perspective I was talking about, your perspective on the TOPIC.

A topic that motivates you – start within

So you should choose a topic that actually gets you hard. Maybe I’m exagerating. But close enough. It should be almost an existential topic for you, something that touches you deep down, in the heart of your soul, a doubt, a thought, a desire, an impulse… that you can articulate into a story with characters and a narrative.

So search for something inside you that consumes almost all of your energy that even exhausts you and try to overcome the thought by sharing it, by making something from which other people can benefit from.

Even if you think that is not as interesting as you think share it, you’ll be amazed of the reaction. Even if it is a crazy action movie that you think nobody is going to watch, even if it is a deep and troubling story with existential doubts and that you think it won’t be appealing to most people… Do it IF it gets YOU hard.

What is the audience is looking for?

Because that’s what the audience is searching for in the end. A way to connect. Connect with other people, with other ideas that touch people’s soul and heart.

And the only way someone can pulled that of, that history has shown us, is to speak from the heart and soul. From your heart, from your soul.

Speak loud because people will listen, see you the next time!

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