Story: John Paul Dejoria, the Once-Homeless Billionaire

Story: John Paul Dejoria, the Once-Homeless Billionaire

Dejoria’s story

“There were a couple of times in my life that I was homeless.” This is the first thing that comes out the today’s billionaire’s mouth.

Homeless Dejoria

He was homeless in his early twenties (he was 22 and half more precisely) with a two and a half year old son. They went around collecting soda empty bottles to make some money and little by little they got out of it.

Jean Paul Mitchell Systems

In 1980, Jean Paul Dejoria and Paul Mitchell co-founded Jean Paul Mitchell systems. He had only a few hundred bucks in his pocket and slept in his car for the first couple of weeks. Those 700 hundred dollars he had invested went a long, long way after that.

Dejoria is now worth 3.000 million dollars, 3 billion.

So the question really is…

“What does it really take to succeed?” (3 tips)

The best advice Dejoria can give is:

  1. Be prepared for a lot of rejection. If people say this is not going to work, this is crazy, this will never work or whatever. If you are prepared for it it’s not going to let you down. “Learn from your failures. I had a lot of failures along the way. But we learned from those things and we get a lot better.”
  2. Have a good product. “Success is having the best product, something good, whether it is a service or a product. If you make it worse or not as good as time goes on and you have money, you are not successful. That’s why Patron has become a booming success.”
  3. Go the extra mile. “Successful do all the things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do. And if you have to work Saturdays and Sundays or late at night or get up early in the morning, just do it.

In Dejoria’s wallet

He only carries his two credit cards from his two companies and only 40 bucks in cash.

Give to others that don’t have

But he since he was a child, had very clear that no matter in which position you where, there is always someone that is doing much worse than you. So, always give to the ones that are worse than you because they need it more than you do.

Today, he has donated to several causes and believes very strongly that he needs to help the ones that really need it. Mostly because he has already lived that situation himself.

Here I leave you a couple of videos of Jean Paul Dejoria so you discover this amazing story of endurance.

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