2 Great Things That Came Out From The Worst Failure of Robert Rodríguez

2 Great Things That Came Out From The Worst Failure Of Robert Rodríguez

The Tim Ferris Show

One of the great things of being on any types of media is that you get huge amount of exposure. Tim Ferriss the founder of The Tim Ferriss Show knows this and his guest Robert Rodru00edguez knows as well.

Here is the complete interview if you want to listen to it:

The difference between the ones who try and actually make it

He talks about one of the key principles that differentiate the ones who finally make it from the ones that only try. That is to keep on it. Even if the going gets tough and if you donu2019t really get to a pro level right away. What you need to do is keep going, keep trying, put in the hours and one day, when you think that nothingu2019s changed, youu2019ll be there, you will have made it.

And what if you donu2019t. What if when you try to compare you find out that you still havenu2019t made it and what you thought what was going to be your breakthrough turns out to be a failure?

Robert Rodriguez’s point of view on failure

Robert Rodru00edguez says that u201cThere is a success hidden in any failure. You need to be able to look at your failures and know that there is a key for success hidden in any failure. If you look through the ashes long enough youu2019ll always find something. And success is going from failure to failure with great enthousiasme.u201d

He says that he normally wants to talk about his failures with other directors like Coppola and that they give perspective and valuable lessons for future success.

He instinctually said yes to doing u201c4 roomsu201d with Quentin Tarantino, a movie that turned out to be a disaster. Should he have thought more before taking a decision? He know says that anthology movies never work, not even when Scorsese, Coppola and Allen did theirs. He says they never work and nevertheless he did it. Because his instinct told him to do so.

But while he was working on the set of u201c4 roomsu201d, Robert, when he saw Antonio Banderas dressed in a suit like a Mexican and his Asian exotic wife and two children, he came up with the idea of making a film where 2 kids became spies and his parents were too. This eventually turned out to be the movie Spy Kids, a huge success at the time.

Spy Kids: There are four of those films now and a TV series.

As well, on set of four rooms he realized that anthology movies, where you have four directors doing their own thing, never work. u201cThey should be done with 3 directors, not four, because a story has 3 acts and I, although I know that anthology movies never work, I will try again because I think I now have this thing figured outu201d

That turned out to be successful movie directed by Frank Miller, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodru00edguez, u201cSin Cityu201d.

There is always a key for success hidden in any failure

u201cSo if you a positive attitude you can always look back and say oh that wasnu2019t a failure, that was a key moment that I needed to take. And I can trust my instincts. Because what is success? Is it measured in dollars? No. But it could be measured in knowledge. What did I learn that I now use later? And it may take you 10 years to figure it out but from that moment on youu2019ll do it right because youu2019ll be able to check your journal and say oh thatu2019s what happened there it didnu2019t really worked out. And thatu2019s why you can trust your gut feeling even though you cannot go to a studio and say I trust my gut feelingu201d

So trust your gut feeling, reflect on your failures and keep on hustling!


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