Story: Arnold Schwarzenegger had a Clear Vision

Story: Arnorld Schwarzenegger had a Clear Vision

Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Tim Ferriss Show

The interview with Tim Ferriss in the Tim Ferriss Show with Arnold Schwarzenegger it’s simply amazing. He tells his story in a simple and truthful way, forgetting all the mysticism that surrounds most success stories.

The beginnings of Arnorld Schwarzenegger’s story

And Arnold Schwarzenegger’s story is no exception. He tells that he was born in a little village in Austria. His family and him had to use the same water to bathe themselves. There were times when the water would end up black because everyone else had already took a shower…

But he says that he never grew up thinking he was poor. He came from a very poor environment of farmers and working class where everyone else just had more or less the same or even less, so he never grew up thinking that he was poor.

The bodybuilding competition: a confidence story

When he was young he entered a competition of bodybuilding in a city of Germany called the Junior Mr. Europe. Tim Ferriss when he looked at the photos he was so surprised about how calm Arnold looked in the pictures, the confidence that he could see in his face.

Arnold says that that confidence stems from being a big believer of having a very clear vision. “If you have a very clear vision of where you want to go, then the rest of it is much easier. Because you know always why you’re training five hours a day, know why you’re pushing through the pain barrier and why do you have to eat more, why do you have to struggle more, why do you have to be more disciplined… all of those things become much more clear, it’s not like oh my God I have to do another 200 sit-ups, it’s more kind of like I can’t wait to do another 200 sit-ups because that will get me one step closer to have the abs that I need to win the Mr. Universe. And that’s my goal. I see myself clearly in that stage, winning the Mr.Universe competition, I see myself clearly getting the trophy, standing there with the trophy and raising the trophy above my head and having hundreds of body builders around me, kind of below mentioned on stage, looking up and idolizing me, including the thousands of people that are watching the event.” That was his clear vision. And that always inspired him to go all out.

He asked him about it and he replied that before entering the competition he had worked in a gym as a trainer and that he noticed how vulnerable people were to the way they looked. He used that in his advantage and talked to competitors asking if they had put more weight or if they had been eating more days and sugar, because “I thought you were better last year…” He just played with his opponent’s mind, he just planted doubt in their heads to create in them insecurity.

Give back to the community

Afterwards, he talks about how kids should have attention 24 hours a day because that helped how to become who he is and he thinks it’s the only way someone can be successful and if you don’t “get floating around the streets and get involved with gangs, with drugs, with violence and teenage pregnancy, etc.”

He now has a program that helps kids in the same kind of situations.

A great interview that hides many inspiring truths. Here I leave you the whole interview for you to judge:

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