Why Having A YouTube Channel Will Boost Your Editing Skills

Why Having A YouTube Channel Will Boost Your 2 Most Important Editing Skills

How Much Editors actually Edit?

Do most editors edit all of the time or do they just edit when it is necessary for a project?

Well most editors do not make a living of just editing movies and feature length films. Most of them make a living by editing several projects that not necessarily are feature length films. These are weddings, communions and television ads or promotional videos for businesses.

Produce meaningful content like a Machine!

So how do I improve my video editing skills? How does having a YouTube Channel help you as an editor to get better at editing? Well, if you take your YouTube channel seriously and you want to make the most out of it in visualisations and subscribers, one of the things you need to do no matter what is to upload periodically. This means that you need to think what you are going to shoot beforehand and spend a time of your day editing what you are going to upload.

Feature Length vs YouTube video

I know… A feature length isn’t t a video of YouTube but I don’t think it is very far away from the process of filmmaking. In fact, I think it has to do a lot with a movie in the sense that in whatever format you want to make your video (deliver information, a vlog, a short, etc.) you need to tell a story to engage the audience in 10 min more or so.

Because how is it the editing process different from one of a film?

2 Most Important Editing Skills

There are many differences but I think that the most important principle of editing is present in a youtube video as it is in a feature length. The principle I am talking about is attract the audience’s attention and maintain it (this means to guide it wherever you want for the purpose of the story.  And that is a hard thing to do.

In order to attract someone’s attention you need to surprise in some way the audience, give them something they haven’t seen before. It could be the way in which the information is presented or the information that is presented. When I say information it could be a new character in a movie or the content of your next video tutorial. Information equals content. In any form.

To maintain someone’s attention what you need to do is relate with the person in front of you, you need to offer a service (whether that be information or jokes or whatever which type of content) in which  you truly believe in. This way you ensure yourself that the audience that reacts to your content in a positive way are kind of in the same page that you. Not always and not necessarily. But it is preferable to produce content that you truly believe is helpful for other people than to follow the trend of what sells and has the most visualisations in a given moment.

These two skills are indispensable for an editor to become a pro at what they do. It is an intuitive thing to which each editor arrives in different ways. Each person will find their own way to attract the audience’s attention and maintain in their own unique way. That’s why practice makes someone a pro. That’s why the more you practice, the faster you’ll get there. That’s why a YouTube channel will boost your 2 most important editing skills as an editor.


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