What Camera Should YOU Get? GH5s: best DSLR out there?

What Camera Should I Get? GH5s: best DSLR out there?

What camera brand should I buy?

There are many camera brands out there, many camera ads, many types of video cameras, many types of DSLR, cameras that film in 720p, 1080p, 2k, 4k and even 6k or 8k…

But the most important topic here is what camera you can get with the budget you’ve got. And is it a good camera?

What budget do I need for a camera?

If you are going to film a feature with that camera my advice is that you work or get however at least 2000$. For that price you can get a pro DSLR mirrorless camera that can get you crisp images and a 4k resolution with 4:2:2. Maybe the GH5S?

What does all this jargon mean?

With a 4k resolution you have enough to make a very decent film that won’t have any troubles when projected onto the big screen. You won’t have any problems as well for putting it in the net and you even may have some room to reframe a shot…

It can film in 10 bit. This means plenty of room to do your color grading in post-production for a prosumer camera.

Camera alternatives

There are less expensive cameras like the Sony a7iii and compelling competitors like his sister the Sony a7sii. But we think they’re nothing compared to the beast that is the GH5s that can film at 60p at 4k in 10 bit and a wide range of necessary video tools for the experienced video shooter like vectorscopes, waveforms, zebras and focus peaking.

GH5s’ conclusion for the moment

The GH5s can film excellent video in a wider range of lightning conditions than his sister the GH5, because it has a slightly larger sensor, dual gain sensor. Plus the Log footage (V-LogL) you can take with a flexibility of 10 bit.

The only downside of the GH5 family is that the Autofocus isn’t as fast or dependable… but this is the only downside of otherwise a camera BEAST!

To sum up, it is a great camera to shoot your first independent film as an indie filmmaker. You won’t be deceived by its capabilities.

Nevertheless, search and compare different cameras before you make your pick.

For when you’ve got it, happy filming and see you the next time!


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