Why Story?

Great Content

We are a business that focuses on bringing what we believe is great content. Because we believe that by delivering great content to which people can relate and empathise with help people be motivated and have the necessary thrust to start writing their own story.

We NEED Stories

This we believe it is true because we know that story is the foundation of any civilisation, it is what culture is based on. Religion is a story to organise civilisations’ beliefs . Culture is a story that revolves around common beliefs within a community. Marketing is a story told by businessmen to make consumers buy. Whether that is religion, culture, marketing, everything is a story that is being told and it’s up to you if you believe it or not.

Follow Your Passion

Story is something that excites us, that moves us, that touches us in the core of our soul, it is what motivates us to wake up excited in the morning because a new day has started and that means a step closer to our objective. All of that to know that the really important thing here is the journey. The people we meet along the way. What we live during that journey.

Share it with everyone you meet

Because we believe that by following our passion and sharing it with everyone we meet, we can create of the world a more exciting place to live.

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