WORK While You’re ASLEEP

WORK While You're ASLEEP


We humans need to sleep. Period. There is no way around that.

Haven’t you had the necessity in the morning to start right away with work?

Work while you sleep

Well, there is a way to program your brain so it works while you’re asleep.

It doesn’t mean either that you will move while you’re asleep and that you can cook the meal of tomorrow, do sport, work on your computer or nothing like that.

But that does not necessarily mean that those 8 hours of sleep you are doing nothing. You are sleeping and that’s a lot.

Lucid Dreams

There are certain ways you can trigger dreams and as well ways through which you can trigger the dreams you want to have. Some people get to have lucid dreams where they actually are awake inside a dream.

The way to have lucid dreams is by really being in touch with reality so your brain can reproduce it in your imagination while you’re sleeping. For that you want to do reality checks. This means that you want to remember the feel of your hand (right and left), try to push a finger through the palm of your hand, do not use screens before going to bed, set an alarm for before the time that you usually wake up (this will help you with remembering your dream), be awake with your eyes closed, don’t try to move, etc.

There are many web pages that go through the whole process of lucid dreaming. But the goal of this post is to discuss the advantages of managing the hours that you are asleep.

Control your dreams

So like we said before, you can manage your time while you are asleep and it is very simple.

Say that you want to be prepared creatively for the next morning because you have done your research but you don’t have a clue about what you’re going to write on that daunting blanck first page of your screenplay. Don’t worry. We all have been there. And the good thing about it is that it won’t be daunting anymore if you follow a method.

I never stress about a blanck page, because I have always something to write about. This is not good luck or that I am very talented. It is because I am methodical. Just that.

So this is how I do it.

Meditation Method

I always, before going to sleep, meditate. I meditate about myself, my beloved ones and the things I desire. Within the things I desire I think about what I have researched and I think about if I have an opinion about it. In this stage of you judge yourself, then you’re really lost. Just NOT judge yourself. If you have an opinion don’t be ashamed about it, just accept it. If on the other hand you do not have a definite opinion, don’t force one. It is what it is.

Then after having done some meditation I verbalize what I want to do, or that I want it to be done. Do not think about the how, now focus on the what. The how will come by it’s self.

For instance, before going to sleep and having done my meditation, I verbalize that which I desire: I want to write five pages tomorrow. That is a what. Do not focus on if that five pages have to be an awesome 5 pages. That is the how. You don’t control that because you rely on I inspiration, so don’t worry about if they’re going to be any good those 5 pages.

Having done that relax, lie down and sleep.

This way you liberate your mind of those unnecessary worries that will follow you in your dreams and in the morning you’ll have a cleared mind to focus on what you have dreamt. And this is the good part. If you have done this correctly and for a period of time, you will most likely dream about something related about that which you were focusing the moment before you went to bed.

So try it out, cause you have nothing to loose!

See you next time dreamers!


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