How NOT To Make A STINKY Low Budget Film

How NOT to make a LOW BUDGET Stinky FILM

How not to fuck up a film?

For this, first we need to get clear on a couple of points:

What is a stinky film?

What stinky films have in common?

How can I avoid making a stinky film?

So let’s begin by saying that I’ll be bringing forth arguments to build my thesis, this is just a personal opinion that you don’t have to agree with.

What is a stinky film?

A stinky film is a film that doesn’t have a vision. These films can vary and they cover a huge part of the spectrum of bad movies. From those movies you don’t really enjoy because they don’t say anything new or interesting and those that really stink because the guy who did it only wanted to make money out of it or God knows what but you know his heart is not in it and that he doesn’t even give a damn about his own movie!

This is terrible.

Some people start filming their dream movie and they eventually give in to external pressure and end up doing a stinky film that promised much more. Examples like this are everywhere in the industry but some people may disagree on certain examples because, above all, it is part speculation and part a subjective opinion…

So, we’ll skip the examples and hope that you got the point.

In short, when I talk about a stinky film I mean a film that violates the first principle of why films exist, that is; film are for people to watch them.

This means that if you are making a movie without nothing to say REALLY, you shouldn’t beaking a movie, because movies are for people to watch them.

What stinky films have in common?

Stinky films all have in common similar traits. This traits do not necessarily mean a stinky film but they do show up in most cases of stinky films. Amongst them, we have ridiculous endings, arbitrary elements (characters, situations and story plot points, stupid dialogue, etc)

It is really difficult to make a list of what makes a stinky film because all of the elements I listed above can be used to make a great film.

It is indeed a very subjective and biased opinion when someone calls a film a stinky.

But above all, the elements by themselves don’t really have power. It is the core idea of the film, that one might call the vision (that is a distinctive perspective on a story, its world and the characters in them) that make a story GREAT.

How can I avoid making a stinky film?

The truth is that you will never know if you’ve made a stinky film or not until you try, until you put your film in front of an audience.


What you can have control over is the core idea, your vision. That idea that unites all the elements in your story, that make that story a whole.

For that, money does not matter, that why this post is under idea&budget. Because having a clear vision overcomes every kind of obstacles.

Even money.

If your vision is truthful and powerful enough every wall becomes an obstacle that can be overcomed!


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