How To Do Meditation For Filmmaking

How To Do Meditation For Filmmaking

Meditation it’s a practice that is becoming more and more popular. Nevertheless, it is something that some people frown upon in disbelief. The reason why this happens is that most likely they haven’t tried it or they have but they have stopped before it gets near interesting.

And that is a sad thing because most people when they realize it has made an impact on their lives, they don’t want to give it up. It is that addictive when you reach a certain level.

How does it work?

Meditation is not a religious thing. It is a method through which anyone can come to terms with their own mind.

It is all about focus.

There is a great video by a Buddhist monk that sums up what meditation is all about in a very simple way. Here it is!


So it is a simple as giving your mind a task that he can work on.  It’s about telling your monkey mind to get to focus on something, and about you telling when the monkey mind gets distracted to focus again on the task at hand.

In theory it is very simple. In practice it is a whole other story. If you want to meditate for 5 minutes while you are on your way home in the bus, it is easy. But if you want to meditate for 5 hours straight, it is quite of a challenge.

Maybe for you it isn’t necessary to meditate for 5 hours straight because you’re not a Buddhist monk but you would like to get interesting ideas that are difficult to catch if you do not meditate for a minimum of 20 minutes, full concentration…

How to actually meditate?

I personally sit on my bed or in a chair.

Always keep an upright position.

And from there what I normally do is close my eyes and focus on my breathing. It is easier said than done. I focus on every breath. When it goes in to my lungs… When it goes out through my mouth…

I do this for almost 3 – 5 minutes and then when I’m trully relaxed I focus on the “topic” at hand. It can be any aspect of the film I want; the characters, the world, the dialogue, etc.

When I know that my mind is going to start wondering I let my mind navigate freely through the film, exploring every detail it can possibly think of. But I have to be honest, this will never be a piece of cake if you haven’t done the necessary research before.

So check before doing any meditation on your movie our posts on research&world.

Meditation is a search, a search within, so if you search within yourself and you have already done your research you will find your own unique point of view and style to make a movie that is truly yours and unique.

So keep it up and see you next time!


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