Why DREAMS Are So Important?!

Why DREAMS Are So Important?!

Dreams are the purest form of fantasy.

Although they resemble a lot to reality, they are nevertheless fictitious.

Dreams are important for filmmakers?

Dreams are the gate to a different world that shares so much with this world that sometimes it is really hard to spot the difference between a thought and a fact. The more you dive in within self the more you’ll understand that the reality that we consider by itself real, is in fact a projection of one’s mind. This projection is influenced by our mindset, our attitude towards life and towards what happens around us.

So, what is really the difference between whatching a movie on a big screen in a dark room and imagining it while dreaming or meditating.

The truth is that the difference is the gate through which you enter that same fictitious world. And it goes as simple as: the more familiar you are with the gate, the more quickly you enter this fictitious world.

Each different gate has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Dreams make for the 8 hours of unproductivity that we need in other to be productive. This means that there is no way around it. We as humans beings need to sleep. Period.

But does that necessarily mean that the hours you sleep are unproductive? Well it depends if you know how to manage your dreams, if you know to program yourself to dream about certain things you are interested and if you in the end know how to have dreams on a daily basis and remember them in the morning.

Meditation is a conscious method that helps the mind focus on certain things that he can explore, expand and transform. It is a process similar to dreams but closer to consciousness than unconsciousness. But that doesn’t mean that the subconscious does not play a major role.

How do I get in with meditation?

We have a post that talks about this process, go on and check it out here.

But for this post we’ll sum up some of the key points you have to consider before trying out meditation and getting to the conclusion that it is not for you.

If you have experienced the feeling of being just right there, right on time, and on fire, that means that you are probably experiencing the now. That is what meditation is about.

Your mind is like a crazy monkey. He sees a banana and wants to eat it. But then he sees other monkeys doing something climbing up a tree and wants to do the same thing. So he leaves the banana behind and climbs the tree. Then he realizes that after climbing the tree he is still hungry because he didn’t eat the whole banana, but he wants to profit from the view of climbing the tree but he climbs down the tree to get his banana back and climb up again to profit from the view… you get the point.

Normally this is how our mind works. It is always trying to put out fires. It is a disperse mind, not a focused one.

So what meditation is all about is about; telling the monkey inside your head to relax and focus on a task. And whenever he gets distracted with something else, tell him to come back to the task at hand.

It sounds easy but in practice it is much more difficult. And the only way to be a pro in true concentration is with practice.

How do I get in while sleeping?

We have a post that talks about this process, go on and check it out here.

But to sum-up, what you want to do is focus yourself on that thing you are interested in and that you want to explore. It might be a subject, the theme of your new screenplay or the characters of your film that you yet haven’t figured out.

This a similar process to meditation but if you are focused takes less time than the meditation sessions of 10 min a day that we recommend.

Which gate should I use?

My advice is that you should try out both. Both look similar but each one fits a certain type of situation.

I personally use both of them. I meditate before going to sleep and this helps me to always hit the bed with the right calmed mindset. I sleep better and more relaxed than ever before. It is not magic. At first the difference isn’t as great, but with time you’ll get to a point where you will sleep like a baby every night no matter what.


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