How to Work Less and Increase Productivity (4 Steps) | Tim Ferriss

How to Work Less and Increase Productivity (4 Steps) | Tim Ferrissn

As most that follow my posts you know that I am a true fan of the Tim Ferriss Show, and as I was scrolling down his YouTube channel to know his beginnings, I found a great video where he explains what steps are necessary to follow to have the 4 hour work week, meaning work only 4 hours a week. Incredible. A great video that hides a lot of the most important principles of knowing how to manage our time effectively.

Unplug and reset completely

First, what you need to do is unplug and reset completely. There is a huge information misuse and information addiction. Checking email 200 times per day, having a smartphone to your head or in your hand while you are at dinner or in the subway or in your car or with your friends, is the path of becoming more unproductive and unsuccessful.

Giving everyone around you, every person on the world immediate access to you is inviting interruption and minutiae to completely invade your life.

Create your first Start-Up and Check your email 200 times a day!

He worked in several start-ups and eventually started his own. He was CEO and he worked from 7 A.M to 9 P.M everyday. He checked his mail from 100 to 200 times a day. He slept under his cubicle it was a depressing scene. And it is a very common scene.

The way to turn that around is to completely unplug and reset. That means to take a step back, forget about what people expect of you, forget about what is popular and really look at what works and what is consuming your time.

So there are 4 steps:

  • Definition
  • Elimination
  • Automation
  • Liberation


1. Definition

Definition is simple.

You need to define your ideal lifestyle. WHAT do you want to be doing from when you wake up till when you go to sleep.

So what do you want to have, what do you want to be, what do you want to do. And how much does that ideal lifestyle cost. That becomes your target.

2. Elimination

Elimination is simple.

Eliminate everything: all the static, all the noise, all the interruptions, all the micro managing, all the people possible that interfere with getting you to the ideal lifestyle.

3. Automation

Automation is about taking the few remaining tasks that are important and time-consuming and either delegating, automating or somehow outsourcing them.

In his particular case he has an army MBAs in India, about 25 of them, that work for 4$ an hour and take care of tasks that otherwise consume hundreds of my hours.

4. Liberation

Liberation is about the final ingredient in lifestyle design that is mobility and how to use the time once you create it.

This last thing is very difficult for most people.

This last step is a very personal one that you need to think about in depth for a while, but if you know your why and you have a clear vision in your mind you won’t have any troubles with.


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