SPEED Reading. WHAT is it?

SPEED Reading: WHAT Is It?

MYTHS of Speed Reading

Speed reading should be something that every one who needs to read voraciously because of their job should use.

This is a multidisciplinary technique that can be used by filmmakers and non-filmmakers to boost the number the books they read a year, the number of books they read a month, the number of books they read a week or even in a day.

First of all, most of what you know about reading is most probably wrong. People believe that in order to understand a text, you need to read every single word in it and understand it’s meaning and reading fast undermines your ability for understanding the text.

This is simply NOT true.

And the contrary is true:

  • You don’t have to read every single word in a text to understand the text

  • You don’t have to know the exact definition or meaning of a word in order to understand a text.

  • Reading fast helps to understand the text better.

Most people that read at an avarege speed of 400 words per minute think that reading faster will distract them, but the contrary is true. These people most likely when they read at night they do so to get asleep.

If you get bored or tired while reading, it means only one thing: you could read much faster and that you are not reading fast enough.

In essence, speed reading is about building the necessary muscle for your eye and brain to retain as much information in a glance that it can.

EXERCISE Speed Reading

For that what you need to do is first start to boost your reading speed by forcing yourself to read faster, even if at first you don’t understand anything.

If that is the case, first, pick a book that you have read and read for a minute straight without anything distracting you, truly focused on what you are doing. When you arrive at the 1 min mark, stop reading. Then count the number of words you have read in that minute. This will give you the number of words you read per minute, duh.

If your mark is around 400 words per minute you read as fast as an avarege college student.

Now try the next thing: as you are reading follow with your finger what you are reading.

Then measure how many words have you read in one minute applying that technique. You, most probably, in just a minute, have, for some people, almost double your reading speed.

This is one the tricks you first use to read faster, but it won’t take you a long way.

But speed reading is not only about reading fast is about understanding in depth a text by knowing how to spot the important ideas. And for that you need to either take notes along the way or be able to read fast and voraciously.

The true goal is two both if you can, that way you’ll become a fast learning machine!

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