Work With Who You Trust

Work With Who YOU Trust

I can’t stress this point enough. Working with who you trust is EVERYTHING.

Potato Jet Confesses

Potato Jet a YouTuber discusses this topic as well in his YouTube channel and his experience in Hollywood for over 10 years!

To sum up, Potato Jet says that particularly in Hollywood you’ll find A LOT of shady people. People who say they’ll do something for you and after a while you realice they won’t, that promise you favors that most of the time don’t materialize, disappointments, excuses, lies… (… sex and videotapes… – I’m kidding but the truth is that the promised Land doesn’t look like those fairy tales we watch on the big screen)

In my case I have never been to L.A. nor I haven’t been to Hollywood but I do understand and value the importance of what this story is trying to put the focus on: trust between teammates.

My personal experience with the production of DOPPEL

For me personally it’s been for as long as I have worked in the movie DOPPEL, what one might call, a smooth ride. But I do not think it is a matter of only good luck.

As far as I can remember, in my family, trust has always been the basic pillar that holds this whole structure.

And before even the project of the movie started I tried to build the same trust with my crew. That means that I wouldn’t have a big crew right away as I wanted to start the project as soon as I could but still have someone that helps me throughout the process. That’s why after acknowledging that I designed the project so it could be pulled off with as less people as possible, always with the condition that those working with me were people I could definitely trust.

And that, even if your crew is only 2 people big, it takes time and speak up your mind. It’s how trust is built – with time.

The good side of it is that if you have done it well and you trust each other you have the certainty that you can finish the project.

So to sum-up, the rule I follow that seems to work just fine for me is:

Axiom: Build on trust and, although you won’t travel as fast, you’ll get twice as far.


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