IT’S KEY! Have a CLEAR VISION of What YOU Want

IT'S KEY! Have a CLEAR VISION of What YOU Want

Should you bend just for a paycheck?

There’ll be a lot of times during a job that you will think: “Why am I doing this? Should I be doing this? Should I be spending my time and efforts in something that I don’t really like just for a paycheck (that – being honest –  isn’t even that good)?

My story on my vision vs work obligations

In my particular situation, I came back from another country after working there full time, from 7:30 in the morning to 22:00 or 24:00, to coming back home and getting involved in a project of a friend for 3 days full-time in an idea I really didn’t control and that hadn’t to do much with my primary goals and objectives.

Why did I get invested in a project that I didn’t quite feel it?

The answer to that is that I did it for a friend.

But is it justified?

Let’s review the facts:

  • I came exhausted from the summer.
  • I wanted to come back and keep working on the YouTube channel, the Podcast and the web page by writing a blog post every day.
  • I wanted to be fresh to start filming what was left of the film DOPPEL.
  • I wanted to register the mordalego brand and had to do bureaucratic paperwork.
  • And I wanted to have several days for myself. Vacations that I hadn’t had in all summer. Unlike everyone else.

So… how can I organize all this work, all these desires?

It is a matter of priorities

You choose by having PRIORITIES

So, it’s true that I came exhausted from the summer as I had been working non-stop for 2 months straight when everyone else had the pleasure of being in vacations.

But I said to myself that 3 days at the same place that I’ve spent the last 2 months working, won’t do me no harm. After the third day I would start a new page of my life and focus 100% on everything that I would do for the rest of the year.

The YouTube channel and the Podcast are things that have to be well planified and well executed. This means time. Time of preparation.

How I work is that first I do research. That’s a must. While I am doing research what I do most of my time is think. I think about that that I am researching.

So, either if it is a new screenplay or a new YouTube channel, most of my day I spend it thinking about the execution, planning the strategy and trying to don’t leave anything behind.

It is not that I stay in a chair staring at a wall, it means that most of my day I spend it by staring at my computer screen or reading books.

Reading helps me A LOT to come up with other solutions and other perspectives to tackle a problem.

So if I were doing something else it would be something that I’m not really invested in so I could wonder about the execution and the planning necessary for the YouTube channel, the Podcast and the finishing of the film.

My friend’s project it was one that I wasn’t really invested in and that left the space and time necessary for me to wonder about everything that I will do for the rest of the year.

As well I set a deadline. I would only be involved in the project for 3 days. No more, no less. Time enough for me to get pumped again for doing what I really liked.

Being back, for three days and getting into the dynamic of shooting 3 days before the real shoot was like going to the gym and starting to work out after the summer, before the real competition. It seemed a good training for what was about to come.

All the registration of the brand I discovered it could be done through the internet with a couple of emails. So that didn’t mean a very huge time investment.

And last but not least, I wanted to have vacations. I figured that I could have them just after those 3 days of shooting and I will leave relaxed because I would know that I will rest but being prepared for the real time shooting of the film and that I wouldn’t screw up because I didn’t have the necessary practice after the summer.

Priorities: a clear and relative conclusion

As you can see, everyone is different and has different ways of approaching and tackling a problem but if you have clear priorities the thing that would define your reasoning is that clear vision of what you really want to do. You will follow that impulse and build your life in a way that matches your ambitions and your end desires. But for that you really need to know so what are you capable of and if that that gets in your way it’s really worth it or not, meaning if it gets in conflict with your vision or not. If there is a certain kind of symbiosis, you’ll find the way of making it work, if not, don’t hesitate to ignore whatever trending “opportunities” get in your way.

Think about your end goals, think about your priorities and you’ll always find the answer to the problem that suits you.


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