Energy cannot be destroyed

The key principle here is that “energy cannot be destroyed, it only can change or be transformed, but never dissappear”

What does this statement have in common with what Jack Ma talks about from a business perspective?

Complaints from a business perspective

Well, from a business perspective, when most people complain if you are in tune with the needs that are not being supplied and that create the complaints, it is very useful to tackle complaints with a business strategy that supplies the unsupplied need.

Ideas, Opinions and Attitudes are Energy

Ideas, opinions and attitudes are non-material things that communicate not only a message but energy as well.

Ideas when shared with other people they can motivate or inspire thought.

Opinions when shared with other people they can help to see a problem from different and new perspectives.

Attitudes define character and people is driven to character. Not every person’s character drives people towards them and this when complaints come to play.

People have already enough troubles, enough things on their mind to go around listening to other people’s problems and complaints. Some people are used to this because they mantain toxic relationships that they call friends to share with them how terrible their situation at the moment is. But the truth is that these kind of people always think that they are living the worst time of their life. Even if it is going great for them they’ll find something they can complain about, even if it is what a good time they’re having right now and “why can’t this continue forever”… Absurd.

It is amazing how the mind has the amazing ability to come up with as many ideas as it wants that justify one’s set of beliefs.

Complaints are energy toxic waste

With “complaints are energy toxic waste” I mean that complaints in the same way that ideas are energy, opinions are energy and attitudes are energy, complaints they are too.

Complaints start from something that doesn’t fit our idea of what it should be and when facing the “imposibility” of doing something about it, we share that negative feeling with the ones around us. That is a complaint: negative energy that is shared with other people. Even if you think it is not “as much negative energy” or “too much that they feel intoxicated by it”, meanwhile all that negative energy is not eliminated. All that negative energy gets stored. And little by little, even if you think it’s not there, consumes you until you reach a point that you feel the weight upon your shoulders and you finally say “fuck it/him/her”.

It is a reasonable move in that particular situation of waste accumulation but that can be avoided because it is unnecessary to carry it upon our shoulders.

Get rid of complaints

Even if you are a person that complains a lot or a person that receives a lot of complaints from work peers, friends or family, the thing that I would do to get rid of all that negative energy (that works for me) is sublimation.

Sublimation is about transforming negative energy into something useful. Freud already talked about the fact that negative energy can seriously damage our psychological and physical well being. And that one practical way of getting rid of all that negative energy is by transforming it inot something useful. This way you avoid all that negative energy getting stuck inside you and you give it another type/kind of expression. May that be a creative form of expression, sexual or in whatever form possible that you can think of.

How does Sublimation work?

Sublimation is a very simple process that helps you overcome all that negative energy and give it another form outside yourself.

Imagine that I had somebody complaining in set all the time and how this and that never works or that we are way behind schedule and we cannot do anything about it, or that we work too much and there is still a lot of work to be done.

What I could do is fire that person straight away, but if you are also an employee and he/her is in the same position as you and you are forced to work with him/her what you could do is try to change that person by telling him/her that he complains a lot and that he/her should control himself/herself (Good luck with that!) or me try to give it an expression that serves the community, your family, your next project, etc.

If I was writing this post is because it is another form of expression, a transformed and refined kind of energy; hopefully hiding some valuable lesson. The reason may stem from a toxic complaining attitude of someone out there that filled me with all this negative energy that I had to transform. I chose a post. A post that offers value, that is a positive contribution to the community and not just a mundane toxic waste of energy.

Stay away of people that complain, they are toxic!

Here is a video that explores more in depth how sublimation works. See you next time!


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