How To Create Original Ideas

How To Create Original Ideas

Why meditation?

This clearly is a personal opinion but nevertheless I find meditation quite interesting for coming up with original ideas. It is quite useful to find whatever methods suits you that encourages the search of truly original ideas so as not to fall in the same stereotypes that genre usually offers.

Genre and new ideas

Genre usually is a structure, a structure of ideas that are unique enough to have their own style, their own distinct voice that eventually identifies a certain genre with universal ideas like the western, the thriller,the mystery, the romantic comedy, etc.

For example, there are certain situations and recurring ideas that you would put in a romantic comedy and that you wouldn’t put in a western and vice versa… The more movies you watch the more frequent and obvious these situations become to you. The good guy wins the bad guy, the nice guy and the beautiful girl finally fall in love, the man that acts correctly, doesn’t get in any trouble and the one that disobeys will get in some kind of trouble…

Surprise the audience

You could subvert the expectations of the public by really knowing a genre and when people think the action is going to go in one direction, change the outcome in a way that is new and we haven’t seen before.

For this, you kind of have to know really good a genre and it involves study and a lot of deep thought. If you really like working on already existing ideas, this is a very good way of proceeding.

But if you are more the kind of person that likes more to paint in a blank canvas, you should consider alternative ways through which you can create original ideas. Meditation is an alternative way for that matter.

Create new ideas with meditation

The way it works is quite simple. You start by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. This is easier said than done. When you reach a point in which you think you have it under control, you start to focus on ideas. These will always come and it is your decision if you want to make them stronger or not, give them attention or not. The more attention you pay to an idea the bigger it becomes, the more detailed.

This way you start to create a maze, a big puzzle in which ideas connect and the ones you pay attention will steadily grow… just like a tree.


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