How To Do Research?

How To Do Research?

My personal approach

What I personally do when it comes to research is to almost obsessively focus on a theme or a subject that I find really interesting. It is a process that accompanies me along the creative process and progressively fades away as I am deep inside the story.

It does not mean that you should quit research as soon as you think you’ve grasped the meaning of your story or that you should focus on it so much through the creative process that takes up more time than the actual process of writing. It depends on the person, some great directors focus obsessively in this part of the process as Kubrick and others dwell on personal experiences that they remember or imagine to create their story, more like Lynch. So test and try yourself, see what fits you best.

For now, I will tell you how do I come around this process and hope it is of some use to you.

Types of research media I use

For me, the beginning of creation starts with long hours of research of almost any form/kind on a particular subject or theme. Those may be:

  • Scientific Books
  • Films
  • Articles
  • Studies
  • Youtube videos
  • Podcasts
  • Radio
  • Biographies
  • Philosophy books
  • Novels
  • Plays
  • Screenplays
  • Personal experiences

And in the end, for each movie is different, a mix of the ones cited above.

The principle is:

The more the better.

Because in the end what you really want is to keep you going, write your story and that is true and compelling, for you in the process of making it and for an audience when they get the chance to watch it.

Organization of research

Then I organize myself.

I make a schedule in which almost obsessively I devote most hours of my day for investigation. (Most people have jobs and need to do several things during their day, but as I am still studying I can invest vast amounts of time to what I wish. And I acknowledge it is a huge asset but it shouldnu2019t be an excuse for the really passionate ones that do not necessarily have 12 or 18 hours a day for making a movie)

My schedule goes more or less like this (it varies from one project to another but you get the idea):

Mornings (9:00 u2013 14:00)

  • Reading: I read biographies, philosophy books, articles, news, and academic sWriting and synthesising everything I have gathered

Afternoon (15:00 u2013 21:00)

  • Documentaries
  • Movies/ films
  • Interviews
  • News
  • Reading
  • Writting and synthesising everything I have gathered
Night (22:00 – 24:00)
  • Movie/ Film /
  • Documentaryu00a0
  • Interviews

I get some sleep and I repeat the process the next day.

But I insist, it is a very personal process that varies.

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