How To Start Research

How To Start Research

How to get around research?

Research can be very daunting or very encouraging in the beginning, it depends on one’s personality. Some people find the task huge and others find in it an excuse for not writing.

The first ones do not even start to do research and write dull stories about too common things that draw from personal experience. The others do not even write they stay connected, binge watching every new series streaming on Netflix thinking that that is research…


How to do research without that becoming an excuse for not writing?

Set a schedule for research

Well the first thing is to set a schedule. A time frame in which you sit down in front of your computer and search, read or write about the topic or central idea of your film. Even if you think you won’t write, even if you actually don’t write, even if you don’t investigate, even if you don’t do any research, even if you do nothing an schedule is really necessary to give to a chaotic task some structure.

To learn about where to find good material, check out our other posts, we explain how to do research on books, films, documentaries, etc.

How do I personally go around it’s very simple but methodical so I think that the BEST way to explain what I know about the process of research and how do I come around it, is by telling you how a day in my life looks like when I am researching a topic.


Personally, I work better in the mornings so my schedule starts at 9 and I start watching videos during breakfast on the topic I’ve chosen.

Then, when I’m done watching a couple of videos (usually ones that really nail the perspective, or that inspire me to research in depth the topic that I’m looking for) I begin by reading books that I’ve already found that are related to the theme.

That process of reading gets me going fast so I usually have a paper and pen beside me to write down the ideas that I find interesting. Then I make connections between those ideas and try to synthesise as much as I can everything I write. This is key: only write what is REALLY important. Everything else is secondary; do not write it.

I usually spend all of my mornings reading and and writing about what I read.


This my break, where I really disconnect.


Most afternoons I feel tired in the beginning, so I usually watch a movie or documentary and relax by working in a relaxed way. Always search content related to your project, do not watch TV because it’s entertaining.

After I’ve finished the movie/documentary/video/podcast/audiobook (usually 2 hours) I read again. In this case I read news, articles, papers etc (if I’m really into a specific book that I’m currently reading, I keep on reading. (16:00 u2013 21:00)

I always keep a paper and pen beside me and only write down what is IMPORTANT. Every single word matters and has to make sense and have meaning.

If you are writing down words that make no sense and, more importantly, have no meaning, only for the sake of writing, then do not write.

Be methodical and only focus on the important stuff, forget the rest. Because if not, you’ll start research and never finish it.

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